14 December 2012


I CeLeBrAtEd My BiRthDay happily!!
Despite of the pranks and all, i feel enjoyed and happy 
for all the things that u guys did for me. I really didnt expect that it 
were going to be that way. Seriously i never think about it.

Its like...
" Wakenabeb!!!"

Lol.. I'm really embarrassed at that time.
U guys are very good at playing your own roles.
Fuhhlamakk. It is really superb that i was fooled by it.
Damnn!! Again, i'm embarrass by it. I couldnt stop blushing 
and laughing at that moment.

Anyway, thx a lot guys!!
Thx for all of the efforts n loves that u gave to me that night.
I really appreciate it. Thank u very much for the foods, drinks, n all the jokes!
I'm extremely happy that day.

Guess that i'm gonna remember
this year birthday for a lifetime. It is very special in this year that 
i got a lot of presents and loves. First n foremost, i get the chance to 
celebrate my birthday with all my family members. I also celebrated my birthday 
with my friends! I got the chance to eat whatever i wish! Haha. KFC pls!

I received a lot of presents and nice wishes! 
N n n... I got the chance to eat cakes twice!! Yummmmyyy!
I'm very thankful to all of the people who put a lot of efforts in remembering my birthday.
It is such a happy, perhaps more that happy! I'm overjoyed!
Hehe.. Thx guys! Love u soo much.

05 December 2012


Everyday I sit and ask myself,
How did love slip away??
Something whispers in my ear and says,
That you are not alone,
I'm here with you,
Though you're far away,
I'm here to stay.

Just the other night,
I thought i heard you cry,
Asking me to come,
And hold you in my arms.
I can hear your prayers,
Your burdens I will bear.
But first, I need your hand.
Then forever can begin.

Whisper 3 words and i'll come running,
and you know that i'll be there..
I'll be there..

03 November 2012

S.U.N n C.L.O.U.D

Today is 1st November.
Its been raining all day. The cloud is pouring his heart out.
He cried so hard that he didnt even stop once. He is much in pain compared to me.
But what make it so sad? Does his lover, the Sun has abandoned him??

The Sun is soo bright and cheerful that even myself is fascinated by it.
The color just lights mylife to the max. Where did you go Sunny?
Why did u leave Cloud for these few days? You know he is been crying all these days, dont you?
He loves you so much Sunny. I'm sure you love him too..

I juz love the way you are. Both of you suit each other!
You both always accompany me on my way to the class. I've got no one..I'm alone here Sunny.
I would love if both of you could do it again. I'm sure you have your own reason. Its okay.
I'll wait for you.. I will and always~

30 October 2012

Oh My M.A.T.E.R.I.A.L!

I've been assigned to do a research on any 
daily applications with respects of its structures, properties and the process itself.
Basically, what i need to do is to choose any specific part of a product
and identify the materials used to make it.

It sounds simple but its way harder to do it.
Its making me nuts!

~ U spin my head right round, right round!

There are too limited of references for me to refer.
Too many unwanted websites that offer me nonsense informations!
And.... Its like.. I dont know what else to describe. Speechless.

I'm dissapointed to be such an excited person when i first start googling it. T_T
Gosh! Feels like tearing my brain apart. I kinda need some inspirations.. Huhu.
Anyone who likes to share your ideas, i most welcome it. :)

28 October 2012


Its Mid Sems Break.
And it falls on the same week of Hari Raya Aidiladha.
As usual, there must be homeworks.
No Pain no Gain man!

Yet, I haven't started anything.
And I've wasted 3 days for nothing. Aiyoo.
Seriously, i couldnt do much with this running nose and cough.
My head suddenly feels heavy n i tend to sleep all day.
Still, time waits for no man.

And I need to recover soon.
Sometimes i juz forget about the h/w.
Sometimes i think about it. Aihzzz..
I'm lazy!!!!! Very2 lazy...!
Very very very very very lazyyyyy!

12 October 2012


You can see my heart beating..
You can see it through my chest.
I'm terrified, but i'm not leaving..
I know that i must pass this test.

I'm sweating now, moving slow..
Got no time to think, my turn to go.

~I'm in a hurly burly.
Feels like going on a vacation.
Feels like breaking the glass hour.
I'm soo unrest.

04 September 2012


Kau Ade..?
Aku tak ade.
Tp.. Kekasih Putih ade la.
Haha. Marah yeobo aku.

I get that title from my friend.
She gave me that title when i was in my last year in K.P
She always with her own style.
Little bit tomboyish.
But.. Caring. Haha.
Seriously, if u get to know her deeper then u'll know the real her.
She never show her concerns to people.
Never talk soflty. Always with the tough style.
It was nice to know her..

After i left K.P, we dont really keep in touch.
Only text each other when we had to.
Well, we prefer that way.

Anyway, Wishing u all the best!
Hope that u are always in the pink of health.

29 August 2012


I'm extremely overjoyed today.
I dont know why i just keep smiling. I'm very happy i guess.
I couldnt explain more.

We didnt have much time to spend together.
All we did was chitchatting along the journey.
Havent had such a conversation like that.
We didnt even sleep! Man, i cant believe it.

We ate our lunch together. Still with our old habits.

1) Arguing which drinks to choose from.
Nk minum ape?
Entah.. Ikut la.
Ala.. Tk tau la.
Tk kisah.. Mane2 pun blh.
Nk air ape?
Kita ikut je.
Ala.. Pilih la.
(Smpai esok pagi pun tk tau nk beli air ape. Haha.)

2) Deciding whose gonna read the doa.
Eh, bace doa.
Kita dh pilih air.
Eh, kita dh bayar air td.
Tk ade2. Kita dh pilih air.
Tak ade2. Kita dh bayar.
Pastu dua2 gelak. Dua2 degil tk nk bace doa.
(How stubborn.. 0_0)

3) Staring n laughing.
Whenever the Superman walks by us, she will be crazy.
All her movements will suddenly stop and only the eyes are staring at the Superman.
Then we will look to each other n laugh our heart out. XD

We end our meeting with full of laughters n smilings.
Sharing our stories n thoughts.
She even gave me little present to bring back home! Aww, how nice..!
And i get one of her unique picture. Hee.
Sorry i took  it without ur willing..
Thx very much for everything..!
 Its really nice n happy to see u today. =)
Hope our happiness will last forever! Amin..

14 August 2012


I really cant think well when i'm mad.
I'm more insane when i couldnt let go of my anger.
It is either i confront with that person and give my wholly punch,
or i just shut the hell my mouth and back away with full of anger.

For the past 3 years, i've been torturing this girl.
She is the one who always be by my side.
For every up and down of my life she'll continuosly stay beside me.
I rarely tell her what i've been furious at or problems that i'm facing.
I just cant. Sorry.

It is hard to carry all the loads by yourself.
Most of the people find its better to share it with your partner.
I would like to do the same thing, but again i just cant.
Despite of my stubbornness, she somehow pretty good at handling me during those hard times.
I'm not sure how she get to do it. I guess she learnt it through her experience with me.

As for now,
No one gonna ask me to just forget what has happened.
To buy me food n drinks. To make me laugh again.
To just sit at those benches with all the wind blowing towards us.
No more of those things.

I really wish basi could mumble like she always did to me.
Wish that she could take me out of this anger.



I'm counting very hard.
It is so DAMN hard to pretend that nothing has happened.

Dont ever test my patient.
You'll never know how i may react to your acts.
Just get Lost.

06 August 2012


 I suddenly think about my future.
How will it be? Will it be good or otherwise?
Will i succeed in this world..? or will i fail in it..?

All i can say is tawakkal to Allah.
Because Allah knows the best for me.
InsyaAllah. May Allah bless me forever. Amin.

 I seriously wrote a lot in here.
But there goes my habit to write and erase it. T_T

23 July 2012


Lets cut all the craps n get straight to the point.
Introducing my unrealistic pets:

The first winning award is..
-Badtz Maru!
Try guess what it is??
Created by the Japanese company, Sanrio.
It is a male penguin with spiky hair. 
Hehe. I didnt even know that he is a penguin.
I was in my primary school when i'd first like it.

Second is..
A big fat rabbit that origins from Korean.
I'd always love to see Mashimaro when he is in the toilet.
Especially with a plunge attached to his head. Haha.
Its a Korean animation that brings humour to all.

Lastly is..


The fattest and laziest cat in the world.
Garfield came from Muncie, Indiana which is the home of Jim Davis.
He loves to eat, less work, and loves to bully others.
I like his colour n the stripes! Very appealing plus with his bad attitude.

I really2 love these pets.
They are really awesome and handsome!
Every each of them have their own characters and style.
I've once wish that there is a real cat who resembles garfield.
Hoho. So that i have a partner with the same attitude of mine.

20 July 2012


Ramadhan Al-Mubarakah!
Lets take this chance to be close to our Creator, Allah.
And perform the 1st Terawikh tonight.

Welcome Ramadhan Al-Mubarakh!

18 July 2012


Its been a while since my last post.
Truthly, i'm not so sure where i should start with.
Too many things happened, events here and there, went to oversea n... others.
What is more important is that the way i lead my life now.

Currently, i'm happy with what i have now.
Family, relatives, friends, health, wealth, stuffs n all.
But being happy isn't enough. Having the feel of grateful is indeed needed.
Lately, i've received something that i've been asking for.
It is normal for us to have that happy and excited expression when u get something.
"Its like.. Mommy daddy, look i've got this present! Isn't wonderful!"
For me.. the other way round happened.

Although it is not my top list "things" that i wish.
 I should be grateful didn't i..? It is branded, big, nice and special.
Other people might not have the chance to have those.
They probably went through hardness just to get what i've now.
I'm still denying and keep to myself that i might get the one that i wish sooner.
But.. Allah knows the best for us. And I'm grateful to what i've now. Alhamdulillah..

26 May 2012



I play games a lot. And i get bored easily.
You shud have notice that.
I know what type of gamers you are.
So if you juz need my attentions and waste my time, juz get lost.
I dont give a damn shit about you. DOnt make me hate you more that i do now.

06 May 2012


I wonder..
How did i manage to get over my fury all this while..?
I blew my anger away this morning... and it juz cant get away out of my mind.
I dont feel like talking, seeing, or having a normal life today.
Its really giving me a bad day.

05 May 2012

M.O.M n D.A.D

Andai dlm beribu anak yg dimiliki,
namun tiada satu yg dpt mmberi kamu ksenangan dlm alam kubur,
maka akn aku jd kn diri ku satu antara ribuan itu.

Andai dlm beribu anak yg kau susui,
namun tiada satu yg taat pada kamu,
maka akn aku jd kn diri ku satu antara ribuan itu.

Andai dlm beribu anak yg kamu sentiasa kasih dan pelihara,
namun tiada satu yg snggup mdoakn dn mnjaga kamu suatu hr nnti,
maka akn aku jd kn diri ku satu antara ribuan itu.

Andai dlm beribu anak yg kamu sggup lakukn apa shja demi mereka,
namun tiada satu yg sggup lakukn sperti apa yg kamu korbankn,
maka akn aku jd kn diri ku satu antara ribuan itu.

Berderai air mata keegoan saat mndengar kata2 lembut menyeru ribuan
anak dluar sana untk bdoa dn mnjlnkn tggungjwb mereka kpd ibubapa.
Berderai juga air mata keegoaan bila mengenang kembali apalah jasa yg tlah dibuat
slama ini oleh ku kpd mereka..

Ssungguhnya aku seorng anak yg kian luput ingatannya thdp pngorbanan ibubapa.
Yg slama ini hanya mgejar kgembiraan dunia..
Wahai ibu.. Wahai ayah.. Ampunkanlah dosa anak mu ini..
Tlalu sedih dn hiba hati ini mngenangkn jasa dn pengorbanan kamu thadap ku.
Wahai ibu.. Wahai ayah.. Andai ada kata2, pbuatan dn tingkah laku diri ku yg mgkin mngecewakn mu, Ampunkanlah segala dosa anak mu ini..
Akn aku doakan selamanya akn ksejahteraan dn kebaikn kamu bdua.
Moga kamu bdua sntiasa brada di bwh pemeliharaan-Nya.. Amin..

04 May 2012

M.E.D.A.Y! M.E.D.A.Y!!


I've been enduring it since in the afternoon.
Couldnt even stare the laptop for a long time.
The lights are killing me slowly.

I need sumone to shoot me, so that i can sleep..
Anyone willing to volunteer??
Find me a.s.a.p, I really in need of help...

03 May 2012

M.Y. P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L.I.T.Y?

I did some blogstalking and stumbled upon an entry.
It is about finding your personality and so.. I took the quizzes.

The result is?? 
I'm an INFJ.
Whats on earth is that? It is:

The Protector

  • You live your life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity. Independent and stubborn, you rarely stray from your vision - no matter what it is. You are an excellent listener with almost infinite patience. You have complex feelings, and you take great care to express them.
  • In love, you see relationships as an opportunity to connect and grow. You enjoy relationships when they are improving and changing. You can't stand stagnation.
  • At work, you stay motivated and happy... as long as you are working toward a dream you support. You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher.
  • How you see yourself: Hardworking, ethical, and helpful.
  • When other people don't get you, they see you as: Manipulative, weak, and unstable.

It is not 100% accurate about myself. But it is almost!
The result presents only a few about myself. I'd love to know more..
 It says that i'm an introverted. A kind who get its support/ energy within itself.
It says that i'm an intuitive. A kind who digest info through instincts.
It says that i'm the feeling type. A kind that uses its feeling to make a decision. I guess, this one is related with the instincts.
It says that i'm the judging type. A kind who deals with Day to Day Basis through judging. Sumone who loves organized, purposeful, comfortable with scheduled and structured environments.

I'm not sure whether the results are precise. But most of them are true.
You can have your personality test here: What's Your Personality Type?

Have fun with it! =)


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30 April 2012


I came across an entry from:

It says that Man goes crazy over a girl and that he will do anything to get her. Eventually, if he gets her quickly in a short time of period he will tend to feel bored.
And so..he dumped her.
This is because they tend to forget a short term memories.

I think this one also applies to the girls.

It also says that men are easily jealous when he doesnt get the attention of his lover.

I dont deny that people has the jealousy part of him/ her. Obviously i do have..but not that much. I dont really mind on other people.
Unless, i've given him/ her my loyalty.

He will be more hardworking and willing to do anything that he could juz to help her. This is to repay everything that she had done to him.

Again.. It applies to people whom i only gave my faithfulness to.

He will feel unease whenever both of them were apart for such a long time.

Hell yeah. Who doesnt..?? I even felt that when i've to separate
with my friends.

He kept asking to his partner how much she loves him. This one usually relates to sumone who born in October be it a man or a girl. They did this because, they feel that their love is much stronger than their partners.

Hehe.. I dont think it is only in October. For me, if u believe in your partner i suggest you dont.
If u really need to ask, then ask. But not that frequent because u eventually suffocates her.
She might get fed up of it.

14 April 2012



I've started to play my keyboard back.. =D
It has been ages since the last time i play it.
 Feels like jumping happily when i see it.. Lol.

I first played My Precious by Jang Geun Suk.

I also played other songs like
Digimon Butterfly, Secret-One Republic, My Heart Will go On,  Fate-Oon Myung
But..i only play the chorus.
Hee.. I'm too lazy to play the whole song.

For the meantime,
I'm trying to play the songs in Personal taste.
The songs are really catchy n nice..!

See u soon.. XD

12 April 2012



Today seems odd.
There were no trace of ur msg..
Could it be that there is sumthg bad happen to u..?
Or.. Did u fall sick..?

Aihz.. My coolness is juz too much.
I shud juz text u..

No matter what..
I really hope u r in a great safe.
Dont overwork.
And dont forget to take care of urself.
U always have me to make u happy.. =)

08 April 2012



My drawing is sucks.. T_T

Aihz.. It shouldnt turn out like this..
There should be a stickman reading on the stairs..
But the clumsy me edit n save it on the same file.
Uarghh.. I want it to be like my blog background..!

Haha.. Still my drawing is sucks..
And the background is too crowded. T_T
Anyway.. I like the new look of my blog..
It is colourful bebeh..!! XD

05 April 2012



Its been a while since my last update.
Hehe.. Couldnt blame anyone else except me.. *_*
Miss u soo much bloggy..

There have been many up n down in this early 2012.
Many unwanted and unnecessary things happened.
But in the end..
We are still able to end it with a happy ending.
I'm so much proud of u and u and u and all...!!

Thx for making my day.
Thx for taking care of me..
Thx for the commitments and supports that u gave.
Thx for being able to withstand my uncontrollable behaviours.
and the most important thing is..
Thx for being my friends..

Thx people for being my friends..!!!
Gonna miss u all.. =)

22 February 2012



I'm so stressed up..

Does anyone here know,
Why is that i'm so EGOist?

03 February 2012

U, Me, n...?

U, Me n...?

I'm confused..
Confused.. and.. more confused..
Too complicated to think..

Tak sangka antara kita dua,
akn muncul org yg ketiga.
Tp.. kita dua tau tk ade sape....yg curang kn..?

Mcm mane dia leh muncul?
Ajaib nie..!!
Ko pkai ilmu gune2 eh?
Cis.. Main tipu..

Org yg ketiga nie klakar la..
Kalu ye pun nk tackle, jgn la Depan2 partner aku.
Dh la dpn2 partner, pastu dlm makmal bio plak.
Ksian dia.. Kot ye pun.
Sorok2 la skit.. Ramai org kot.
Nie tk. Dpn2 dia ngan aku, ko nk tunjuk.
Pastu partner aku dh pndng slack dh kt aku.
Aihzz.. Basi btl.

Nsib baik partner aku nie jenis yg memahami.
Kalu tk, rase nye kepala aku dh kena penggal dh. Hehe.
Yg tk leh bla tu, partner aku leh wat2 tk dgr n tk tau.
Hee.. Partner aku mmg slalu mcm nie.
Suke wat2 tk tau. Tp dlm ati panas aje.

Last2, aku yg start dulu..
Ade ke dia leh gelak..
Tp..mmg patut pun dia gelak..
Sbb..aku pun nk tgelak bile tgk cara org tu tackle.
Tp aku kn cool org nye..
So muke nk tgelak ngan merah padam tu dh disorok abis.
Haha. Prasan gila..!

Nk tau ayt yg dia gune...??
(Tp aku dh shortkn.. Hehe.)

Aku : Eeeii..! Td tk nk bg tau awl2 yg nie nk kena wat. 
Saje je wat org marah.

Unknown : Ala.. Biar la.. Aku suke tgk ko mrh.. Comel..!

Ternganga mulut aku dgr.
Tk penah2 dia ckp. Tibe2 plak hr tu tkeluar dr mulut dia.
Org ketiga nie ckp ikut suke ati ngan selambe je
Tk penah pun pkir org sekeliling.
Bkn nye tk tau partner aku ade kt situ skali..
Skali lagi ko wat cm tu..
Siap la.. Aku bg Jelingan Maut aku kt ko..!!


22 January 2012



I'm going
to the north of Mlysia this holiday!!

I've been travelling a whole day.
Couldnt have a nice rest in the bus.
Thx to all the Thailndnies for making a fussy trip.
Luckily i wasnt in the mood to quarrel..

Hope there are  interesting events there.
Gonna explore n experience their Chinese New Year culture.
Wish the best for us n our journey..!

Last but not least.. gonna miss u purple..

11 January 2012



Nk tulis! 
Nk tulis! 
Nk tulissss!!!
Ha!! Dpt pun.
Gedik btl internet nie.
Kejap ade.. kejap tk.

Dh dpt tulis, tk idea plak..
Adoii.. Nk tulis ape eh??
Td bkn main lg bnyk bnda nk tulis.
Gedik btl manusia nie.


How are my days here..?
I'm not sure how to express it. But..
I would be the first student to kiss every 
lecturers if they let us be in a happy state for at least a week.
Gosh..! Please have mercy on us!
We aren't robots..
We are human.. n human needs to sleep, rest.
Please don't torture us..

I'm not sure about others,
but i'm having a hard time now.
People might think that nothing is bothering me.
They always think that i'm ready for 
everything n that i dont need to prepare.
If i were to be born as a genius,
then i would do like they said.
These type of talks really shut my mouth.
I had enough of these. It is disappointing..