25 July 2011



Yup.. thats true. 
Stop rounding your eyes n that kind of staring.
..believe me..
There is some hidden stories about that "terbalik".

Ok.. Now, let the story begin..

Have u somehow have been in these situations...?

1. You have said something that u shouldnt have said.
(of course its not sarcastic, n you said it very fast)
More likely to be some kind of terbalik..
And when your friend heard about it. They lough like hell..
Trust me.. they really laugh.

" Tak ade pun tak ape "
" Tak ape pun ade "

I was like.. shit.. What i have said..?? Totally terbalik.
It was meant to be like this >>>
"Tak ade pun tak ape, ade pun tak ape"

And its not juz that.. I repeat the same mistake again.
but.. For TWICE..!!!?

2. When drinking, i guess
our mind couldnt really focus what we really wanna say.
Especially when your drink has a lot of cubic fruits.

I found a cloudy cubic fruit in my drink.
So i tell my friend,
Hey..i've got Coco de Nata in here.
Lol. its not Coco de Nata, its Nata de Coco.
What the heck.. againnnn terbalik!

3. You are reading the title of each songs listed in the youtube,
with its little description.
But.. at one point somehow your mind interpret
what you have juz read wrongly.

It saids :
2 months..

But what i said is 2 years.
Aihzzz.. i'm not really sure what is happening to me.
All of these situations happened in one day n continuos..
I hope there is nothing bad happening to me. InsyaAllah..

My friend said mybe this is all because of what happened in my dream yesterday.
"Bak kata org, penangan mimpi di mlm hari."
Hahaha.. mimpi tu basi ok..
Thats all for today.. Bye2.

22 July 2011


Hi... Nice to meet u..

Oh my goodness..!
There have been awhile since i last updated this blog.
To all my silent and loyal readers, i give you my thrillion apologies
with full of BiG SmiLe for U.

Juz to share with..
My lovely black laptop has juz passed away.
I, myself couldnt believed it.
It juz died infront of me..
Infront of my eyes.
I tried to give him a few electrical shots... but the result is dissapointed.
It ends it life at the age of 2 years when i really needs him as my companion.
On july 18..
the lovely black compaq has leaved me behind..
Gonna miss u blacky.