30 April 2012


I came across an entry from:

It says that Man goes crazy over a girl and that he will do anything to get her. Eventually, if he gets her quickly in a short time of period he will tend to feel bored.
And so..he dumped her.
This is because they tend to forget a short term memories.

I think this one also applies to the girls.

It also says that men are easily jealous when he doesnt get the attention of his lover.

I dont deny that people has the jealousy part of him/ her. Obviously i do have..but not that much. I dont really mind on other people.
Unless, i've given him/ her my loyalty.

He will be more hardworking and willing to do anything that he could juz to help her. This is to repay everything that she had done to him.

Again.. It applies to people whom i only gave my faithfulness to.

He will feel unease whenever both of them were apart for such a long time.

Hell yeah. Who doesnt..?? I even felt that when i've to separate
with my friends.

He kept asking to his partner how much she loves him. This one usually relates to sumone who born in October be it a man or a girl. They did this because, they feel that their love is much stronger than their partners.

Hehe.. I dont think it is only in October. For me, if u believe in your partner i suggest you dont.
If u really need to ask, then ask. But not that frequent because u eventually suffocates her.
She might get fed up of it.

14 April 2012



I've started to play my keyboard back.. =D
It has been ages since the last time i play it.
 Feels like jumping happily when i see it.. Lol.

I first played My Precious by Jang Geun Suk.

I also played other songs like
Digimon Butterfly, Secret-One Republic, My Heart Will go On,  Fate-Oon Myung
But..i only play the chorus.
Hee.. I'm too lazy to play the whole song.

For the meantime,
I'm trying to play the songs in Personal taste.
The songs are really catchy n nice..!

See u soon.. XD

12 April 2012



Today seems odd.
There were no trace of ur msg..
Could it be that there is sumthg bad happen to u..?
Or.. Did u fall sick..?

Aihz.. My coolness is juz too much.
I shud juz text u..

No matter what..
I really hope u r in a great safe.
Dont overwork.
And dont forget to take care of urself.
U always have me to make u happy.. =)

08 April 2012



My drawing is sucks.. T_T

Aihz.. It shouldnt turn out like this..
There should be a stickman reading on the stairs..
But the clumsy me edit n save it on the same file.
Uarghh.. I want it to be like my blog background..!

Haha.. Still my drawing is sucks..
And the background is too crowded. T_T
Anyway.. I like the new look of my blog..
It is colourful bebeh..!! XD

05 April 2012



Its been a while since my last update.
Hehe.. Couldnt blame anyone else except me.. *_*
Miss u soo much bloggy..

There have been many up n down in this early 2012.
Many unwanted and unnecessary things happened.
But in the end..
We are still able to end it with a happy ending.
I'm so much proud of u and u and u and all...!!

Thx for making my day.
Thx for taking care of me..
Thx for the commitments and supports that u gave.
Thx for being able to withstand my uncontrollable behaviours.
and the most important thing is..
Thx for being my friends..

Thx people for being my friends..!!!
Gonna miss u all.. =)