23 July 2012


Lets cut all the craps n get straight to the point.
Introducing my unrealistic pets:

The first winning award is..
-Badtz Maru!
Try guess what it is??
Created by the Japanese company, Sanrio.
It is a male penguin with spiky hair. 
Hehe. I didnt even know that he is a penguin.
I was in my primary school when i'd first like it.

Second is..
A big fat rabbit that origins from Korean.
I'd always love to see Mashimaro when he is in the toilet.
Especially with a plunge attached to his head. Haha.
Its a Korean animation that brings humour to all.

Lastly is..


The fattest and laziest cat in the world.
Garfield came from Muncie, Indiana which is the home of Jim Davis.
He loves to eat, less work, and loves to bully others.
I like his colour n the stripes! Very appealing plus with his bad attitude.

I really2 love these pets.
They are really awesome and handsome!
Every each of them have their own characters and style.
I've once wish that there is a real cat who resembles garfield.
Hoho. So that i have a partner with the same attitude of mine.

20 July 2012


Ramadhan Al-Mubarakah!
Lets take this chance to be close to our Creator, Allah.
And perform the 1st Terawikh tonight.

Welcome Ramadhan Al-Mubarakh!

18 July 2012


Its been a while since my last post.
Truthly, i'm not so sure where i should start with.
Too many things happened, events here and there, went to oversea n... others.
What is more important is that the way i lead my life now.

Currently, i'm happy with what i have now.
Family, relatives, friends, health, wealth, stuffs n all.
But being happy isn't enough. Having the feel of grateful is indeed needed.
Lately, i've received something that i've been asking for.
It is normal for us to have that happy and excited expression when u get something.
"Its like.. Mommy daddy, look i've got this present! Isn't wonderful!"
For me.. the other way round happened.

Although it is not my top list "things" that i wish.
 I should be grateful didn't i..? It is branded, big, nice and special.
Other people might not have the chance to have those.
They probably went through hardness just to get what i've now.
I'm still denying and keep to myself that i might get the one that i wish sooner.
But.. Allah knows the best for us. And I'm grateful to what i've now. Alhamdulillah..