06 February 2013

D.E.A.R.E.S.T 2

Dear my lovely blog..

I'm sorry to put such a personal problem again here.
I know you would be bored with it. I'm sorry..
I can only rely on you.. I hope i will always do.

The recent post was about her. 
Again this post will be about her. I'm not sure when i'll be over her.
This time it takes a longer time than before.

About what i've thought about her in the last post
was really really true. Everything.. Not even a single thing is strayed.
That kind of thoughts and feelings are like a guide to me.
It feels like something is telling me what is going to happen in the future.
Its like an instinct. It is an instinct.. No doubt.

Since i knew something is going to happen soon.
I guess i'm well prepared with it. And yeah.. I passed it with excellence.
But one thing that has been a nightmare for me is how 
people judge me for what has happened. People would never know the truth.
Unless they ask for the real story.

I once happened to face the similar situation.
But that situation differ in such away that the person is living outside
of my area. This time, the person is living in my area.
I dont know what to expect. I really dont..
I've no clue about the future.

Its been haunting me for days now.
Will i ever survive? Am i going to be drifted far away?
Am i able to handle the situation? Am i going to win??
No answers for now. But they will be. A good one.
InsyaAllah.. I pray hard for all of these things will never come true.
I leave it to Him, the Most Powerful. Amin..

01 February 2013

G.A.M.E. O.V.E.R

Oppss.. I caught you red handed.
It is officially Game Over.


Kamu Cinta Aku dan Dia.

Hancur hatiMu, mengenang Dia
Menjadi keping-keping, setelah Dia pergi
Tinggalkan kasih sayang,
yang pernah singgah, antara Kita
Masihkah ada, sayang itu

Memang salahMu, yang tak pernah bisa
Meninggalkan diriNya, tuk bersama Aku
Walau tuk trus bersama,
kan ada hati, yang kan terluka
Dan Ku tahu, Kau tak mau

Sekali lagi maafkanlah,
karena Kamu, cinta Aku dan Dia
Maafkanlah, Kamu tak bisa,
tinggalkan dirinya
Mungkin tak mungkin, tuk terus bersama
Jalani semua cinta, yang tlah dijalani
Tapi bila itu yang,
Aku pikir yang terbaik untukMu
BahagiaKu, untuk diriMu

Simpan sisa-sisa, cerita cinta berDua
Walau tak tersisa, cerita cinta berDua

Still U have, in Ur eyes
Still U have forever

Still love her, in Ur mind
Still love her forever


Dear blog..

I started to feel that the existence of her doesn't affect me at all.
Whether she is here or she is at other places, i dont really bother.
But at times, i do think that the existence of her is important to me.
I'm confused. I dont know which one is the truth.
Sometimes i love her. And sometimes i juz dont.

Does anyone faced the same prob as mine?
Lately, i felt as if i'm far away from her. I treated her indifferently. 
Whats wrong with me?? Was it because i already forget about her? 
It cant be. No. It cant. She's in my mind. Always.
Or.. Was it because i'm bored with her? Was that the main cause??
If yes..Then the relationship that i've built with her is 
merely the same as others.

Maybe i'm tired to be the one who always start it first.
Feel as if i'm the one who is over excited. Whereas she doesnt.
So..I decided to follow her rhythm.
"U didnt call me. So i dont call u.
U didnt text me. So i dont text u.
U need me only when u need me. So i'll do the same thing to u."
Fair and square right??

U are such an egoist Lee.
I'm not egoist.. I'm juz tired. 
I'm tired to take care of my heart every time i got hurt.
I'm tired.. Seriously..