30 October 2012

Oh My M.A.T.E.R.I.A.L!

I've been assigned to do a research on any 
daily applications with respects of its structures, properties and the process itself.
Basically, what i need to do is to choose any specific part of a product
and identify the materials used to make it.

It sounds simple but its way harder to do it.
Its making me nuts!

~ U spin my head right round, right round!

There are too limited of references for me to refer.
Too many unwanted websites that offer me nonsense informations!
And.... Its like.. I dont know what else to describe. Speechless.

I'm dissapointed to be such an excited person when i first start googling it. T_T
Gosh! Feels like tearing my brain apart. I kinda need some inspirations.. Huhu.
Anyone who likes to share your ideas, i most welcome it. :)

28 October 2012


Its Mid Sems Break.
And it falls on the same week of Hari Raya Aidiladha.
As usual, there must be homeworks.
No Pain no Gain man!

Yet, I haven't started anything.
And I've wasted 3 days for nothing. Aiyoo.
Seriously, i couldnt do much with this running nose and cough.
My head suddenly feels heavy n i tend to sleep all day.
Still, time waits for no man.

And I need to recover soon.
Sometimes i juz forget about the h/w.
Sometimes i think about it. Aihzzz..
I'm lazy!!!!! Very2 lazy...!
Very very very very very lazyyyyy!

12 October 2012


You can see my heart beating..
You can see it through my chest.
I'm terrified, but i'm not leaving..
I know that i must pass this test.

I'm sweating now, moving slow..
Got no time to think, my turn to go.

~I'm in a hurly burly.
Feels like going on a vacation.
Feels like breaking the glass hour.
I'm soo unrest.