04 September 2012


Kau Ade..?
Aku tak ade.
Tp.. Kekasih Putih ade la.
Haha. Marah yeobo aku.

I get that title from my friend.
She gave me that title when i was in my last year in K.P
She always with her own style.
Little bit tomboyish.
But.. Caring. Haha.
Seriously, if u get to know her deeper then u'll know the real her.
She never show her concerns to people.
Never talk soflty. Always with the tough style.
It was nice to know her..

After i left K.P, we dont really keep in touch.
Only text each other when we had to.
Well, we prefer that way.

Anyway, Wishing u all the best!
Hope that u are always in the pink of health.