16 January 2011


Out to KL yesterday.

6 diferrent brains went out to KL ;
Amira Liyana a.k.a the hottest girl.
Hanim a.k.a the most shy.
Nurul a.k.a the branded.
Shasha a.k.a the perfecto, awek.
Meimei a.k.a the shopper holic gurl.
Me a.k.a the most naughty.

7.00 am
Every members should be at the lobby of their own respective hotels.
- Except me n my roomates, i think soo.. hehe. We went down a bit late. Sorry.. XD

7.00-8.00 am
Departure from our beloved hotels to the bus station.
- And our journey starts here.

8.00-9.00 am
Arriving at the bus station. Waiting for the Pilah-seremban bus.

9.00-10.30 am
We are now at the KTM Seremban..! Yeay..!
- Awek went to buy our tickets.
- Next journey will be Bandar Tasik Selatan.

10.30-11.30 am
Arriving at the Bandar Tasik Selatan.
-Took LRT to Hang tuah.

11.30-1.00 pm
- From Hang Tuah station, we decided to walk to our 1st shopping complex ;
- Time square..!!
- We enjoy every moments in there.

1.00-1.30 pm
- Change our shopping place to Low yat.
- Its damn superbb, lots n lots of new n modern technology can be found there.

1.30- 3.30 pm
- Head to KL Central.
- Have our prayers done n eat.

3.30-4.00 pm
- Went to Masjid Jamek by Putra.

4.00-6.00 pm
- Shopping again.

6.00-8.30 pm
- Head back to pilah.

10.00 pm
- Finally we arrive in Uitm

10.00- 11.00 pm
- Have some date with awek. Hehe..
- We eat to the fullest..! n took our way back home.
- Thx awek.. XD