18 December 2011


Mixed feeling.

Can't really figure what i feel today.
Too much of loads..
Too much of thinking..
Too much of worries..
Too much of things that bother me.

It should end with a happy conversation.
Or.. something more relieving..
I wished.. 

Never meant to left you alone in that house..
I wanted to bring you there, but works
make u stay at home.
U r not me..
Who takes things simple and solve it later.



We did something crazy bfore we head back.
Sending a letter of lyrics to that special eyes.
Wishing that u could understand what purple felt.
Waiting and observing for more than a year is tiring.
But purple gathered it's strength till now.

Dear special eyes :

"Nevermind, i'll find someone like you..
I wish nothing but the best for you too..
Don't forget me, I begged, I remember you said..
Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead..
Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.."

The more u said u can't, the more u love.
The more u avoid, the more it comes.
Wishing the best for you purple..
I'll always be by ur side forever and after.


Celebrating my Birthday..!

Last friday was my birthday..
Yeay..!! Feeling much younger heh??
Yea rite.. I'm getting older.. *_*

This time its a bit different than other bthdays.
I was stranded with tasks and homeworks!!
I was like.. T_T
I wanted to celebrate it with my family,
but at the same time i need my friends too.
Aihzz.. Due to time limitation and my
busy-ness. I decided to stay and celebrate my bthday here. =)

I was damn scared if they were to put prank on me,
especially from the uninvited 'ones'.
Seriously i was going to be mad if they were to do it.
And i'm very greatful to "Barney" that it makes me happy.
I've got awesome toys!!!
So DamnnNN nice..! XD

Here are my cake..

Looks delicious rite..??
Lol..Its super delicious.
Thx "Barney" for all u've done.
Thx to my friends too..!! I like the party! XD
Thx All...

17 December 2011


A long lost feeling.

Its already a month since my last update.
Its not that i forget about it, but...
Its super hard for me to do it.

I've got a lot of things to be shared with..
I've got tons of stories to tell.
I've plenty of pictures to be posted..

It seems that i can't do it frequently as i did before.
I dont have much time to spare..Not even for my own self.
Mostly, i'll be in my class.
Running here and there settling every assignments and project.
Attending the meetings.
Hunting for the lecturers.
And of course i don't get enough sleep..!!

I miss you blog.. =' (
If you were to be realistic..
It would be much greatful..