22 January 2012



I'm going
to the north of Mlysia this holiday!!

I've been travelling a whole day.
Couldnt have a nice rest in the bus.
Thx to all the Thailndnies for making a fussy trip.
Luckily i wasnt in the mood to quarrel..

Hope there are  interesting events there.
Gonna explore n experience their Chinese New Year culture.
Wish the best for us n our journey..!

Last but not least.. gonna miss u purple..

11 January 2012



Nk tulis! 
Nk tulis! 
Nk tulissss!!!
Ha!! Dpt pun.
Gedik btl internet nie.
Kejap ade.. kejap tk.

Dh dpt tulis, tk idea plak..
Adoii.. Nk tulis ape eh??
Td bkn main lg bnyk bnda nk tulis.
Gedik btl manusia nie.


How are my days here..?
I'm not sure how to express it. But..
I would be the first student to kiss every 
lecturers if they let us be in a happy state for at least a week.
Gosh..! Please have mercy on us!
We aren't robots..
We are human.. n human needs to sleep, rest.
Please don't torture us..

I'm not sure about others,
but i'm having a hard time now.
People might think that nothing is bothering me.
They always think that i'm ready for 
everything n that i dont need to prepare.
If i were to be born as a genius,
then i would do like they said.
These type of talks really shut my mouth.
I had enough of these. It is disappointing..