14 December 2012


I CeLeBrAtEd My BiRthDay happily!!
Despite of the pranks and all, i feel enjoyed and happy 
for all the things that u guys did for me. I really didnt expect that it 
were going to be that way. Seriously i never think about it.

Its like...
" Wakenabeb!!!"

Lol.. I'm really embarrassed at that time.
U guys are very good at playing your own roles.
Fuhhlamakk. It is really superb that i was fooled by it.
Damnn!! Again, i'm embarrass by it. I couldnt stop blushing 
and laughing at that moment.

Anyway, thx a lot guys!!
Thx for all of the efforts n loves that u gave to me that night.
I really appreciate it. Thank u very much for the foods, drinks, n all the jokes!
I'm extremely happy that day.

Guess that i'm gonna remember
this year birthday for a lifetime. It is very special in this year that 
i got a lot of presents and loves. First n foremost, i get the chance to 
celebrate my birthday with all my family members. I also celebrated my birthday 
with my friends! I got the chance to eat whatever i wish! Haha. KFC pls!

I received a lot of presents and nice wishes! 
N n n... I got the chance to eat cakes twice!! Yummmmyyy!
I'm very thankful to all of the people who put a lot of efforts in remembering my birthday.
It is such a happy, perhaps more that happy! I'm overjoyed!
Hehe.. Thx guys! Love u soo much.

05 December 2012


Everyday I sit and ask myself,
How did love slip away??
Something whispers in my ear and says,
That you are not alone,
I'm here with you,
Though you're far away,
I'm here to stay.

Just the other night,
I thought i heard you cry,
Asking me to come,
And hold you in my arms.
I can hear your prayers,
Your burdens I will bear.
But first, I need your hand.
Then forever can begin.

Whisper 3 words and i'll come running,
and you know that i'll be there..
I'll be there..