03 November 2012

S.U.N n C.L.O.U.D

Today is 1st November.
Its been raining all day. The cloud is pouring his heart out.
He cried so hard that he didnt even stop once. He is much in pain compared to me.
But what make it so sad? Does his lover, the Sun has abandoned him??

The Sun is soo bright and cheerful that even myself is fascinated by it.
The color just lights mylife to the max. Where did you go Sunny?
Why did u leave Cloud for these few days? You know he is been crying all these days, dont you?
He loves you so much Sunny. I'm sure you love him too..

I juz love the way you are. Both of you suit each other!
You both always accompany me on my way to the class. I've got no one..I'm alone here Sunny.
I would love if both of you could do it again. I'm sure you have your own reason. Its okay.
I'll wait for you.. I will and always~