16 May 2011


I'm tired of it.

Its hurting me...
Feels like a bullet stuck in my head n its bleeding like hell.

I dunno why..
But it keeps haunting me whenever i see it. 
Whenever i see people in pain.
When i see them suffer in every single moment they went through.
Every time i saw them wounded.
Every time i saw they end their lives in a way that would make me sob.

Would it be juz... a sympathy..??

I always told myself not to choose that path.
In the end, i found out that the more i run from it.
The more it comes to me.

I alwayz hope that the existence people are able to help them.
Able to find a way, method or.. whatever it takes to save them.
But.. we people have no superpower to stop what has really written for us.
Therefore i pray, pray really hard to Allah that He could give the best for me, for us, for the people around the world.
InsyaAllah.. Amin~

15 May 2011



Special entry juz for u,

Together we save the world...!! 
Yeahhh...! XD

02 May 2011



I'm back bebeh.. XD

Shit... Im losing it again.

I wanna say hi to u blog.
I miss u.
Miss u too purplish, MC.
Miss the people around me.
Miss my gf..
Im gonna find my gf soon.
Damn miss u..! Wait for me ok..