22 December 2010

I'm Back

I'm Back

After two weeks of training n Jamboree, finally I'm home..!
Bout 2230H yesterday I arrived safely in sbg jaya.
I miss my family so much..!!
I miss my friends too..!!

To all my readers, sorry to make u wait for me..
I'll try to update this blog as soon as possible..
Bye for now..

29 November 2010


Good bye.

I'm saying good bye to my :

  sweet holiday.

And thanks very much to my stupid duty.
That i have to forget on every single things that i cherished everyday.
Thanks to u capten, for making me suffer each day for remembering that suffocated duty.

25 November 2010



Good morning people..
Yup, as u can see todays topic is about food.
I noe its damn early to talk bout this topic.
Its juz 8.45am..
So what..???
I'm hungry dude.
Lol.. damn hungry la..
Sumone cook for me plz.. *-*
Never mind..
U aLL aso dint even wake up at this time.
Its ok.. I go cook myself.
Well, im gonna cook Maggi..
Hehe.. Lapar gila..!
Maggi pun maggi la.
Hu cares..
Haha.. I sounds really hungry.
Serious man.
No joke at all.
I'm not sure why i'm that hungry..
I'm off now..
Got to catch that maggi in the kitchen..
See u..

24 November 2010



I've no desire to talk..
Still feeling depress bout yesterday.
Still shocked..
Couldnt accept that it juz fell down rite infront of me.
Yet, I do have the desire to eat.
Haha.. crazy isnt..?
Has no desire to talk, but has the desire to eat.
Well, its true..
Juz admit it la weyh.. (u r fat.. XD) 
Haha. Hu cares...


I'm kinda bored at home..
Truly to say, I'm superbbbBBB bored..
I miss my pals, friends, geng, and others that was part of me during those school days.
Miss them sooooOO much..!!
Where did u guys go..
Plzz do do dO invite ME go shopping, watch movies, lepak-ing or whatever la..
I can accompany u for the whole day.. (Am i that desperate..??)
Haha.. Kind of..

23 November 2010



My hard disk juz fell down..!!

Sob.. sob..

22 November 2010


Can u lend me ur space..??
To much burden that i get.
To much burden that i hold.
Plz..This is the only place where my probs
and my little headache somehow released.
I hope so..
Well, either u give or u dont. It doesnt matter.
Its my blog though. So hu cares whether u give or not.

The story of my prob started during the final exam.. What the heck weyh.. Nape la ade exam..tk paham btl. I asked my mom.. (hehe..mcm bdk2) "Ma..Nape ade exam..??" Then she replied, "Exam is needed to test ur knowledge, what do u really understand what u've learned. And do u really understand what the lecturer has teached u." From what she has said, i tried to gather some spirits (although it doesnt last long) to get through the exams. I looked at the people sorrounds me, they really working damn hard, burn the midnight oil, do exercises, do revisions day and night.. Their action really freaking scary. Coz no matter what happened,I
dun feel like reading nor get myself ready for the upcoming exams.
I sit at my own sweet bed. Flip through the pages of some books, eating and sleeping calmly. Pretending that nothing bad is going to happen. Acting as if there are no exams coming around. But all of it were mistakes. All i can say is a mistake. I took it easily. Serve me right, I cant do well. I juz hoped and pray a lot that I pass for all the subjects that i took. Thats what i want now. Not expecting sumthing good nor excellent in my results. Hope Allah will help me.. Aminn~.

NeXt StORy plz....

After the first prob, now comes another. I think life without challenge is like a drawing block without sketches. Challenges in life seemed to be part of u, me and other people. Those challenges really make u strong, tough, mature and it acts as the pencil that makes ur drawing block interesting and nice. My second prob comes when i came home. The house is really disaster. My room is totally ruined. Having siblings that are irresponsible really makes me angry. I've got many things to take care of. Starting from the tinest things to the biggest. I receive tons of pressure everyday. One of it is teaching my bro in his studies. Which is one of my weakness. I'm not really good in teaching.. Hehe. And my dad keep pushing me and my bro. My bro eventually doesnt seem to be interested in studying during the school holidays. Oh common, hu on earth would like to study during holidays..?? Even I, myself  wont do it. But, I'll try somehow to teach him.

Well thats all for now i guess..
Gonna crap more during this holidays.
Get ready for my nonsense..
See u again.. Bye..

05 November 2010


More crapping from an exploded brain.

Sorry for not updating this blog for a long time.
I know i should at least post a msg or anythng.
Well, its not that i dont want to do it.
But its because of some of the "Technical probs" that occur,
it eventually has stop me and mostly my mood from posting.

I practically was writing somethng bfore i post this msg.
And that msg was abruptly lost bcause of the poor networking.
I'm really mad! I was like writting an essay and at the moment i click the button preview.
It was like ............. blank.

There was nothing..! Totally ZERO..! Down on the left side corner it is written ;
 "Done with Error!"

Aihz.. What the ...  Ish. sabar je la..
Bengang btl.

Rasa mcm nk gigit -gigit je cabel wireless tu...!!
Time org nk gune, dan2 la ade prob. Internet slow la, poor la. Ape la.
Time org tk nk gune. Bkn main lg. Laju je network, tk sekat2 pun.
Rase nk lempang je network tu.

26 October 2010


Volkswagen GTI mk1

Volkswagen GTI mk1

Volkswagen Golf GTI w12

Volkswagen Golf GTI w12

Volkswagen Golf GTI w12

My dreamed cars..
Now I can only see you..
But.. juz wait and see.
I'll get my hands on you!!
Gonna get you..

24 September 2010


Kadang2 hati dan perasaan kita tk dpt nk duga.
Kadang2 juge ape yg kita rase tu mcm tk blh pecaye.
Hati, perasaan dan rase tu berkait rapat.
Same gak mcm masalah.
Dalam hidup nie, msti ade masalah yg akan dtg.
Walau sekecik mane, walau sbesar mane skalipun masalah, ia tetap akn dtg.
Hidup sbg manusia msti tabah mghadapi sume tuu.
Walau luaran nmpk tenang, tapi di dlm hanya Allah je yg tau.
Hidup nie lbh ceria bile di kelilingi rakan. Namun tk sume brani nk meluahkan.
Same ade perasaan, rase mahupun masalah.
Kadang2 tk sanggup nk cerita. Kadang2 juge bfikir adakah mereka mahu mndgr nye.
Biar diri sndiri yg mnggung seksa drpd mlihat rakan pening dgn masalah kita.
Biar rase perit, biar rase pahit, biar kn segale rase dtg mnyelami diri.
Sbb sume tu ade faedah dan kebaikan nye.
Cume kita manusia tk dpt nk nmpk ngan mate ksar je..