29 August 2012


I'm extremely overjoyed today.
I dont know why i just keep smiling. I'm very happy i guess.
I couldnt explain more.

We didnt have much time to spend together.
All we did was chitchatting along the journey.
Havent had such a conversation like that.
We didnt even sleep! Man, i cant believe it.

We ate our lunch together. Still with our old habits.

1) Arguing which drinks to choose from.
Nk minum ape?
Entah.. Ikut la.
Ala.. Tk tau la.
Tk kisah.. Mane2 pun blh.
Nk air ape?
Kita ikut je.
Ala.. Pilih la.
(Smpai esok pagi pun tk tau nk beli air ape. Haha.)

2) Deciding whose gonna read the doa.
Eh, bace doa.
Kita dh pilih air.
Eh, kita dh bayar air td.
Tk ade2. Kita dh pilih air.
Tak ade2. Kita dh bayar.
Pastu dua2 gelak. Dua2 degil tk nk bace doa.
(How stubborn.. 0_0)

3) Staring n laughing.
Whenever the Superman walks by us, she will be crazy.
All her movements will suddenly stop and only the eyes are staring at the Superman.
Then we will look to each other n laugh our heart out. XD

We end our meeting with full of laughters n smilings.
Sharing our stories n thoughts.
She even gave me little present to bring back home! Aww, how nice..!
And i get one of her unique picture. Hee.
Sorry i took  it without ur willing..
Thx very much for everything..!
 Its really nice n happy to see u today. =)
Hope our happiness will last forever! Amin..

14 August 2012


I really cant think well when i'm mad.
I'm more insane when i couldnt let go of my anger.
It is either i confront with that person and give my wholly punch,
or i just shut the hell my mouth and back away with full of anger.

For the past 3 years, i've been torturing this girl.
She is the one who always be by my side.
For every up and down of my life she'll continuosly stay beside me.
I rarely tell her what i've been furious at or problems that i'm facing.
I just cant. Sorry.

It is hard to carry all the loads by yourself.
Most of the people find its better to share it with your partner.
I would like to do the same thing, but again i just cant.
Despite of my stubbornness, she somehow pretty good at handling me during those hard times.
I'm not sure how she get to do it. I guess she learnt it through her experience with me.

As for now,
No one gonna ask me to just forget what has happened.
To buy me food n drinks. To make me laugh again.
To just sit at those benches with all the wind blowing towards us.
No more of those things.

I really wish basi could mumble like she always did to me.
Wish that she could take me out of this anger.



I'm counting very hard.
It is so DAMN hard to pretend that nothing has happened.

Dont ever test my patient.
You'll never know how i may react to your acts.
Just get Lost.

06 August 2012


 I suddenly think about my future.
How will it be? Will it be good or otherwise?
Will i succeed in this world..? or will i fail in it..?

All i can say is tawakkal to Allah.
Because Allah knows the best for me.
InsyaAllah. May Allah bless me forever. Amin.

 I seriously wrote a lot in here.
But there goes my habit to write and erase it. T_T